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Raw Mango Cutting Machines
Lemon Cutting Machines
Onion Cutting Machines
Green Chilly Cutting Machines

Pickle Mixing Machines
Noodles Making Machines
Chilly Pounding Machines
Lemon Granding Machines

We are also in Desing & Manufacturing of Chilly Pounding Machine - Two / Three / Four / Six / Eight Hammer, Shevaya Machine, Onion Flanks Machine, Banana Tree Crushing Machine, Lemon juicer Machine, Dates Cutting Machines
Lime Cutting Machine

Lime Cutting Machines

Features :
Designed to Develop small & medium scale Pickle Mfg. for Cutting Limes.
Cutting size : Cuts Lime into 8 pieces of euqal size. Production Capacity : 100 kg per hour

Raw Mango Cutting Machines

Features : User friendly designed and developed especially for the Pickle Manufactures for Fine Cutting of Raw Mangoes.
Cutting size : Cuts Mangoes as per set sizes
Production Capacity : 400 kg per hour.

Raw Mango Cutting Machine
Green chilly Cutting Machine

Green Chilly Cutting Machines
( Big)

Cutting size - 20 mm
1 H.P Motor
Production cap - 350 to 400 kg/hr
User.: pickle ind dehydration plant others
food processing mfg.

Onion Cutting Machines
Cutting size 6mm square
Cap - 250 to 300 kg/ hr, 0.5 H.P Motor User.: Hotels, spices,
Tomato Sauce Dehydration Plant & Food Processing Manufacturing.

Onion Cutting Machine
Shevaya Machines

Shevaya Machines
2 H.P Motor Production Capacity 18 to 20 kg. user

Mixing Machines

5 H.P. Motors & Gear Box
( Dren systeams )
Capacity Per batch 350 to 400 kg..User Pickle mfg, Spoces, solt chemical ind & others.

Mixing Machine

Red Chilli Pounding

4 hammer chilly pounding machine
production capacity :
10/15 kg per hour.

Technocal Specifications.:
2.6 ft in lenght, 3.6 ft in width, 4.5 ft in height
400 kg approx.
Power requirement
1 HP Single Phase power.

Red chilli Pounding
Green Chilly Cutter

Green Chilly Cutters

user friendly machine with
cutting size:
cuts chillioes as per set sizes
production capacity :
100 kg hour

Technical Specification:

2.5ft in length, 2ft in width, 3.5 ft in height
100 kg approx.
Power Requirement
0.5 HP single phase power

Also Available in Heavy Model 2 HP 350 kg/hr

Lemon Granding Machine
S no
Production Capacity per/hr
Lime Granding & Cutting m/c semi S.S with 5 grade granding machine attach - model 1
Lime Granding & Cutting m/c semi S.S with 3 grade granding machine attach - model 2
300- 400 kg
Lime Cutting M/c Single head with 2 die(heavy) Model 3
100 kg.



Features :
user friendly machine with tilting systems

Production Capacity :
100/150 kg. per batch.

Technical Specifications:

5.6ft in lenght, 3.6 ft width, 4.6 ft in height

350 kg approx
Power Requirement

2HP Three phase power with gear Boxes.

Banana Tree crushing machine